Cradle-to-Career 360° model

How can you be a part of the Cradle-to-Career journey?

We believe that early intervention in a child’s development will impact their ultimate life pathway. Our holistic Cradle-to-Career 360° model engages children, young people and their families from early childhood education, through to an after-school support programme, work readiness and progressing into work experience and placement opportunities. The programme is holistic, providing support in ensuring food security, personal safety, primary health, education, sports and career path development.

Age 1-6

pre-school programme

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+/- 9 493 children supported
every year in outreach initiatives.

91% School readiness rate
40% above than the national average.

3000+ Young people
participate in our Child & Youth Development programmes every year.

94% Matric pass rate
11% above national pass rate
60% Bachelor’s admissions

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Age 7-18

after-school programme

Age 18-28

Level Up
12-month gap year programme

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71% of Level Up Alumni
are economically active.

34% of Level Up Alumni
are further education opportunities.

3 434
Specialised training candidates

5 604
placement opportunities provided

Group 1115

Age 21-35

Head Start
career development programme

360º services

social support services

Group 1108

4603 Total number of beneficiaries who received interventions

78,300+ Young people
reached through our 360º social initiatives.

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Group 67
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Child and Youth Development

We believe every young person deserves the opportunity to experience a fulfilled life. Our Bambanani programme focuses on wraparound development solutions including education, health, nutrition, and personal development. Our Early Childhood Development programme is underpinned by an accredited curriculum, facilitated by Afrika Tikkun Bambanani.

Skills Development, Training & Placement

Our Head Start programme are designed to help meet both the internal and external transformational needs of our clients and beneficiaries. We are particularly proud of the flexible nature of our skills and placement solutions, which source partner host sites for clients, taking full accountability for overall process management. Our B-BBEE advisory services and skills training further support clients in achieving full integration of youth employability solutions.

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"30 Years of Impact: Celebrating Afrika Tikkun's Legacy"

Join us in commemorating three decades of dedication, empowerment, and positive change. Afrika Tikkun, a beacon of hope for the past 30 years, continues to make a lasting impact on the lives of South African children and youth. Together, let’s celebrate our shared journey towards a brighter and more inclusive future.

Afrika Tikkun turns 30!

Founded in the watershed year of 1994, Afrika Tikkun was born at a time of tentative hope and palpable transformation. As we commemorate 30 years of our freedom and democracy as a South African nation, at Afrika Tikkun we are equally proud to celebrate 30 years of our unwavering commitment to nurturing young lives and empowering communities. Over the past three decades, like the evolution of our fledgling democracy, the lives of young people and communities have been markedly transformed. Our mission, of investing in the potential of children and youth from underprivileged backgrounds, is synonymous with the democratic ethos of equality and Ubuntu. As we reflect on three decades of service, impact and partnerships, we are inspired to continue our work with renewed vigour and hope for the next 30 years and beyond.


Our Global Presence



Afrika Tikkun UK utilises norms and practices around charitable giving in the UK, to support C2C programmes implemented in South Africa. For many years, the office has organised the Spirit of Belron Challenge, a global sporting event to raise funds for Afrika Tikkun.



The USA Afrika Tikkun office leverages the cultural norms and philanthropic practices prevalent in the United States to back the Cradle to Career (C2C) programs operating in South Africa. For several years



We wish to recognise our partner Global Development Group (ABN 57 102 400 993), an Australian approved NGO (Non-Governmental Organisation). GDG undertakes all governance responsibilities of our fundraising efforts in Australia through the administration of project J586N. It is an honour to form part of the global village of Afrika Tikkun.



Afrika Tikkun Netherlands is the youngest of the international fundraising partners, established in late 2020. All board members have a unique and personal motivation for joining Afrika Tikkun and will focus attention to enabling projects in South Africa.

How to get involved

Select one of the below


We partner with businesses that choose to matter. Whether you’re an SME or large corporate, you can choose to donate funds to the value of your choice and support any one of our Afrika Tikkun Core and 360º programmes or any of our public campaign initiatives.


We help build your CSI status. As a business, fundraisers are an impactful way to build your corporate responsibility status, your industry reputation and your community upliftment. Afrika Tikkun invites you to access our collaborative fundraising opportunities through our GoFundMe channel. Your fundraising initiative extensively supports our youth development programmes while benefiting your company BEE status and Tax benefits.

Lead A Campaign

Want to build your own kindness campaign? Let us partner with you from start to finish and support your unique public initiative with a customised campaign, engineered on our platform and branded by you. Leave the fuss to us while we collaborate with your ideas, guide you effectively and handle all the logistics.

Our Partners & Donors