It takes kindness and endurance
to build thriving communities.

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Afrika Tikkun: Where and How it All Began

Established in 1994 as Ma Afrika Tikkun by the late Chief Rabbi Cyril Harris and the late Dr. Bertie Lubner, Afrika Tikkun was initially focused on basic assistance to victims of fire, disease and hunger, along with providing adult skills training, literacy and dress-making. Our founders’ vision was based on the Jewish value of Tzedakah (compassion, caring and helping) and the African value of Ubuntu (humanity). In 2005, the later Dr. Bertie Lubner’s son, Marc Lubner, took over as CEO, bringing a significant shift from a care and skills-based project activity to today’s Cradle-to-Career model. Subsequently, in 2011, Ma Afrika Tikkun was renamed to Afrika Tikkun.

A Legacy Built on a Tuesday

Two visionaries after the same rainbow: Nelson Mandela and Bertie Lubner, met on the second Tuesday of every other month to discuss the love they both shared for their country, South Africa.

What transpired was a deep-seated friendship, and a plan: to eradicate poverty by empowering the children and the youth of a post-apartheid South Africa.

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Nelson Mandela believed in the life-affirming values that Bertie Lubner had expressed around empowering others. Bertie wanted to make more than a difference; he wanted to teach the power of possibility through the human act of kindness.

When Nelson Mandela bore witness to an early Tikkun project in Orange Farm in 1996, he said he had “seen a miracle”. Through the work being harnessed by the good people of Afrika Tikkun, Madiba volunteered to become the Patron-in-Chief of Afrika Tikkun.

It takes responsible kindness and endurance to build thriving communities.

Our Services

Afrika Tikkun Services views job creation as a superpower: not only does it help support families and communities, it also drives progress on gender equality, poverty eradication, social cohesion and inclusive economic growth.

Registered in 2012 as part of the Afrika Tikkun Brand, Afrika Tikkun Services (Pty) Ltd (ATS) is a Level 2 Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment (B-BBEE) advisory, recruitment, training and placement company, supporting the full integration of youth employability and placement solutions in organisations.

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In partnership with our sister company, Afrika Tikkun NPC, we strive to develop productive entry to mid- level candidates, by aiding the empowerment of young job seekers and future leaders through our Cradle to Career 360’ model. This model is a comprehensive approach to child and youth development that considers the needs of each young person across different stages of their lives (preschool → primary school → high school → post matric) by offering a set of programmes and support services to counter the effect of poverty and inequality for each young person that comes through our doors. In this way, we are actively working towards the reduction of youth unemployment in a sustainable manner.


The Founders

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Bertie Lubner
(In memoriam)
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Chief Rabbi Cyril Harris
(In memoriam)
Group 2107
Ann Harris
(In memoriam)
Group 2108
Herby Rosenburg
(In memoriam)
Group 2114
Arnold Forman
Group 1118

After a visit to a Tikkun project in Orange Farm in 1999, President Nelson Mandela said that he had “seen a miracle” and offered to become the Patron-in-Chief.

In the words of Nelson Mandela:
“Afrika Tikkun project’s demonstrates in a practical and sustainable manner what can be done with limited resources, great commitment and passion. The challenge to reach all the disadvantaged people of South Africa remains a paramount one. We need all the resources, both human and financial, to address these challenging tasks. It is my belief that Afrika Tikkun represents the best of what civil society can offer in partnership with Government’s considerable efforts. Afrika Tikkun has proven that it has the ability to reach sections of our disadvantaged population at grassroots level. It therefore provides both physical help, as well as giving hope and dignity to the recipients.”


The Teams

Afrika Tikkun was established with the belief that every young person deserves the opportunity to realise their potential.
Our goal is to create an economically thriving South African society by investing in our youth.

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Dr Onyi Nwaneri
Group CEO
Manny 1 03
Lucy Mohamed
Head of Procurement and Logistics
Kevin Handelsman
Group Investment Officer
Group 1
Peter Kimingi
Chief Financial Officer
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Tiyani Mohlaba
1.1 [recovered]
Marian Claite
Manny 1 02
Andrew Levy
Head of People

Our Board Members

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Arnold Ian Basserabie
Chairman (non-executive director)
1.1 07
Louis Maepa
Non-Executive Director
1.1 02
Marc Lubner
Executive Deputy Chairman
1.1 05
Keke Fumba
Non-Executive Director
1.1 03
Arnold Forman
Non-Executive Director
1.1 06
Nontokozo Nene
Non-Executive Director
1.1 01
Wendy Lucas-Bull
Non-Executive Director

Our Strategic Intent

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Our 5 Centres of Excellence


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Address details:
Ext 8B,
14356 Main Road,
Orange Farm,

087 150 2311

Phuthaditjhaba ALEXANDRA

Screenshot 4


Address details:
61, 17th Avenue,

087 150 2311


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Address details:
13 Joubert St,

087 150 2311


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Wings of Life

Address details:
Democratic District of Freedom,
7253 Peach Rd,
Diepsloot West 4,
Diepsloot, 2189

087 150 2311


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Zolile Malindi

Address details:
Community Centre,
Ext. 4,
Trevor Tokwana Drive

087 150 2311


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Wings of Life

Address details:
Democratic District of Freedom,
7253 Peach Rd,
Diepsloot West 4,
Diepsloot,, 2189

087 150 2311