Creating a better future for
our children.

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Our C2C Model

Our cradle-to-career (C2C) development model stretches deep into grassroot communities all the way through to a network of local and multinational socially responsible corporations.

Regardless of the scale, every donation and sponsorship can strengthen the collaborative ecosystem. Small contributions can accumulate and compound to impact individual lives, local communities and the greater economy.

Is progress your purpose?

Is impacting lives your mission? Afrika Tikkun accelerates this process.

Every young person deserves to experience a fulfilled life. Our Cradle-to-Career 360° Programmes are a guardrail for young people aged 2-35 to step into that life. Our wraparound development solutions including education, health, nutrition, personal development and skills development, develop self-confident, capable adults. Your partnership will impact the lives of a nation needing to grow, willing to work, and eager to achieve their dreams.

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How can you be a part of the Cradle-to-Career journey?

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Age 1-6

Bambanani Programme

pre-school programme

Early Childhood Development

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Age 7-18

Ignite Programme

after-school programme

Childhood and Youth Development

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Age 18-28

Level Up Programme

12-month gap year programme

Childhood and Youth Development

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Age 21-35

Head Start Programme

career development programme

Childhood and Youth Development

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Age 2-35


social support services

Childhood and Youth Development

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Bambanani Programme

The Bambanani Programme is comprehensive and well-rounded, strategically focused on cognitive development, creative processing, accessibility, and school readiness for children aged 1-6 years. We aim to provide children with access to quality education through the standardisation of the Early Childhood Development (ECD) curriculum across South Africa. This equips them with specialised education tools. The accredited digitised content also allows for vast availability and access to resources for teachers and principals.  

Key outcomes:

  • Accredited curriculum
  • Age-appropriate orientation skills
  • Life skill integration
  • School readiness
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Ignite Programme

As our young people develop into adolescence, social integration, career guidance and skills development become an integral part of their support system in the journey towards a sustainable future. Afrika Tikkun provides our young and adolescent community (ages 7-18) with after-school programmes designed to improve the developmental years through adequate education, leadership, arts, sporting, career and personal development, specifically while still in the schooling system. Our Ignite Programmere inforces the foundation laid in the Kinder Programme .

Key outcomes:                                   

  • Age-appropriate education
  • Leadership preparation
  • Career shaping
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Level Up Programme

An extensive 12-month gap year programme that offers guidance on careers and career opportunities through a range of activities; and enables young people to develop the basic skills needed to enter the world of work. YAP is divided into three (3) main categories of development namely, the (1) development of self, (2) the development of community awareness, and (3) the development of competencies that facilitate economic participation.

Key outcomes:
Decision making techniques

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Head Start Programme

As our young people reach their next phase of social and academic achievement, the world of work can be daunting. Afrika Tikkun designs work readiness programmes to alleviate the scare factor and build confidence in the opportunities available to our 21-35-year-olds. Our impact extends far beyond the confines of work and home, providing support structures to enable confidence, social upliftment, learnerships and entry-level work experience that will unlock the doors to an independent, economically empowered life.

Key outcomes:

  • Job readiness training
  • Career guidance
  • Industry-specific specialised training
  • Entry level job placement
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360-degrees Social Support Services – the backbone of our C2C programmes

Stands as the foundational element within our holistic Cradle to Career (C2C) model, acknowledging and addressing the profound impact of the socio-economic challenges that many of our youth encounter daily. This comprehensive programme ensures that our registered young individuals not only receive support but also are empowered, informed, and equipped to navigate the complexities of their daily lives.

Key outcomes:

  • Primary Healthcare & Wellness
  • Gender Empowerment
  • Family Support Services
  • Food and Nutrition Initiatives
  • Disability Inclusion

Impact is a shared responsibility.

Your support can uplift our youth.