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Township development: Community Developers reveal factors preventing township prosperity

A recent survey conducted on over 300 community development practitioners from various sectors revealed factors that underlie issues related to the devastating township economy figures and prosperity. The independent survey conducted by the Scientology Volunteer Ministers since early 2022 showed that most community developers suffer from a lack of skills such as conflict management, communication, policy implementation, mediation and more needed for the prosperity of their townships.

The survey based on L. Ron Hubbard’s survey technology was carried out over a span of several months. Was concluded recently on hundreds of practitioners who want to improve their communities they were simply asked for the types of issues they are faced with when trying to develop their communities.

According to Currin (2020), South African townships remain as they were initially conceived, that is, spatially disconnected and alienated from mainstream economic activity. Asad Alam, the World Bank Group country director for South Africa, states that addressing the spatial inequalities reflected in townships is essential to improving the lives of its people. Subsequently, the township economy is currently attracting a great deal of policy interest in South Africa, primarily as a result of the persistence of concentrated poverty, unemployment and the lack of economic transformation since democracy, which is intrinsically linked to the historical of these areas. – MARCH 30, 2021 BY BONGANI -The Township Economy – Challenges and Opportunities

The survey now done by the Scientology Volunteer Ministers further narrows down the need for prosperous township economies.

Sandile Hlayisi, who headed the survey says “According to research, the highest number of unemployed youth is found in the townships. The drug epidemic, gender based violence, crime etc. are largely committed in townships. Something has to be done to improve our townships so we did this survey to find out exactly what is happening on the ground and the results were eye opening to say the least.“

“It is possible for townships to be successful. We must recognize the infinite opportunities for growth that exist and must assist them as much as we can if we are to have a prosperous country “added Hlayisi.

Township economy activists surveyed in South Africa stated uniformly that there is a lot of talent and value in our townships and they really want to cultivate it. However it is known they are going to need certain skills to fully tackle the issues happening there.

“I start facing challenges when I have to get the community to cooperate and work peacefully for the benefit of all. That is where the trouble is. There is so much conflict and we end up not getting anything done because no one likes being told what to do in the township,” said another community development practitioner who participated in the survey

“We can talk all we want but how do we tackle all the social problems that our communities face and how do we give proper guidance when we are not trained on It.” said another community development specialist during the survey.

Organizations such as Afrika Tikkun, Family Tree Foundation, Scientology Volunteer Ministers, Choko 2 Five movement and others are invested in creating sustainable livelihoods and they all dream of powerful communities that are prospering and successful.

“We all know why townships were created but now it’s time to change the narrative. We can no longer afford to be victims. We have potential and it is time we change our communities. “Concluded Hlayisi.