Bridging the gap: Afrika Tikkun Bambanani trainers empowered to champion inclusive education

The Training Experience Is Set To Make A Difference In Rural Early Childhood Development Ecd Centres Within Their Communities Supplied Image

he Feuerstein Programme, developed by the renowned psychologist and educator Professor Reuven Feuerstein, takes centre stage in this training endeavour. It focuses on cognitive development and enhancing cognitive functions to help individuals, including children, overcome cognitive challenges and unlock their full potential. Theresa Michael and Tessa Forman, founders of ATB, expresses their heartfelt gratitude for […]

Prioritising early intervention in education:

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Paving the path to a prosperous South Africa Nelson “Madiba” Mandela’s profound legacy lives on through his unwavering commitment to children, justice, equality and education. He once said: “Children are the most important asset in a country. For them to become that asset, they must receive education and love from their parents.” As we commemorate […]